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Our Philosopy 
At Juxtapose we believe we shape our home and then our home shapes us.  We offer a uniquely engaging and efficient process to determine the vision for your space. We then execute to that vision with an amazing space designed to showcase YOU, inspire YOU, and relax YOU.  Afterall, we believe good design should be a reflection of YOU. A key element of this is not only understanding optimal utilization of your space, but also how you want to feel and how you want others to feel in the space.

Our Unique Process 
The Juxtapose process is quite unique in that we start with a “Design ID", aptly named the “Design Rorschach”.  In lieu of ink, we use room images via a very interactive process with an individual or couple. This enables us to quickly define "THE LOOK". We then use photorealistice renderings to show you vignettes. Design isn't done  piecemeal, but in the whole room gestalt. Through this process, we then can efficiently and effectively execute the vision.   So, no matter how different the desired styles of the members of a couple are, this fun and focused process delivers the best result in a timely and fool proof fashion.  


Sandra Verma​  
 A.S. Interior Design
Principal Designer 
Residential & Small Commercial 
Ph:  650-279-7043
In Person Design & Online Design* 
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