Laura J.    Redwood City, CA - modern commerical project 
Sandy is amazing! We used her to help us design our startup place and she is great at both proposing ideas and helping you turn your vague ideas of what you want into a complete integrated design. She also goes above and beyond in helping with delivery and making sure every step of the process is stress-free and fun. I highly recommend her. She is a complete delight and a design genius.

Diane S.     Menlo Park, CA
I can't say enough about Sandy's skills as an interior designer. Sandy is the kind of designer you want to hire at the start of your project, in your design planning. We hired her early, after I had my architectural plans and she completely re-worked the concept that my architect were stuck on. Based upon Sandy's recommendations for re-configuring our space, she greatly improved the look and function of our master bedroom and bath. She helped us get the en-suite we were looking for but didn't know how to accomplish. It looked much simpler with her design input and suggestions. Sandy thinks in very very functional and practical ways beyond just the aesthetics of your space. Once our project was finished, she helped with custom drapery, furnishings and a custom made rug. Our bedroom and bath are beautiful thanks to Sandy's talent and design ideas. I think of not only what she did right, but that she found a subtle way to talk me out of my original idea for a navy and pink bedroom. The result is so much better than we had imagined. She is highly professional and so are all of her design contacts. My husband and I could not be happier with our new space. Thanks Sandy.

Heidi H.     Los Altos, CA
Sandy (and her team) are amazing!  She made us smile at every visit and made our house into a lovely kid-friendly home; she accomplished the impossible!!OUr great room chan host a group of lounging teenagers, an elegant cocktail party or a business coffee meeting, all in an eclectic comfortable style. One of her best traits is that she is able to propose multiple beautiful ideas. We were able to pick and choose from her ideas and somehow, someway, she was able to put together the perfect design for us.  This was very important to us because, when we started, we had no idea what we wanted. She helped guide us into our own unique style, in the way only she can. She is a delight to work with!

Debra L.     Saratoga, CA

Beautiful rooms with great color, quality and ecclectic balance without sacrificing functionality. Timeless style and beauty.

Laura C.     Pleasanton, CA
As a colleague in the business
Sandy has a great eye and style for design. She is easy to work with and knows how to make a space beautiful and unique. Sandy is someone I would bring into a project to ensure you only have to do it once and do it right.
Tracey S.   San Jose, CA
Loved working with you. Sandy you are obviously passionate about design and meeting the clients needs. I started out not knowing what I wanted, now I am educated and everyone compliments me on my taste! Will use this company again for sure. Plus it didn't break the bank!

Bonnie O. Los Altos, Ca 
​Great experience working with Sandy. She has a great design style and a lot of patience too! Loved what she did for our family room!
Pearl S.  Los Altos , CA
We love the work she has done! She is creative, talented , and always on top of things. We are amazed at how beautiful our house has turned out and, we could not have done it without Sandy's help. She opened our eyes to "juxtaposing" different things that I could never have envisioned without the assistance of her amazing designer eye. We love how everything has come together nicely! I highly recommend her without any reservation!
Dana D. Los Altos, CA
Our new master bedroom is beautiful! Sandy has great taste. She really understands proportions/sizing, optimal layouts and how to use color and texture. She is hard working and passionate. We wanted to be very involved in decisions and propose some of our own ideas/designs; she was very open and accepting.
Susan L. Los Altos, CA
We had an emergency when our guestroom shower was leaking behind the tiles and the whole bathroom had to be completely torn out & replaced. Sandy was very responsive and designed a serene look to our guest bathroom. She picked out the perfect tiles for the warm but modern look we were looking for. The materials she picked out is also easy to clean and maintain and she kept it within our budget. We love our new guestroom bathroom and so do our guests! Sandy has a great eye for color and design and understanding of her clients' needs as well as bringing a new perspective. Thank you Sandy!

Kathy E. Menlo Park, CA 
 Juxtapose Designs did an amazing job.  My project involved improvements to my ensuite master bed and bath and kitchen.   She showed me multiple vignette options and what I loved is that it was the whole look/vision for my rooms.  Nothing done piecemeal, which means it was efficient and done in a much speedier fashion than working with past designers I had hired.  I was able to select from her ideas after I answered her questions about how I wanted to use the room and after she used a fun process to select the vision for the room. In other works we came up with a plan and vision and worked the plan.   When I began I had no idea what I wanted.  They helped guide me to a beautiful end result for all three room.  I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend them.  Oh, to boot - they also came in on budget.